Easy Switch – Big Savings

Oct 21, 2014 in Application Bulletins

Switching Your Blast Media   Cast Zinc Shot Will Last Longer ZA4 Cast Zinc Shot is far more durable than other types of blast media. It will last 3x longer than steel shot, 2x longer than stainless steel, and 1,000x longer than aluminum oxide and…

Don’t Beat Up Your Castings

Oct 10, 2014 in Application Bulletins

Damage During Shot Blasting   Non-Damaging ZA4 Cast Zinc Shot ZA4 Alloy Cast Zinc Shot is the right hardness for shot blasting light metal cast parts (see all applications). Hardness (91 Knoop) is close to the hardness of your castings and will not damage them….

What is the Right Hardness of Shot?

Sep 08, 2014 in Application Bulletins

Profiling Impact Extrusion Slugs     Cast Aluminum Shot Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot is a long-lasting, low-dust blast media that has seen successful applications in profiling aluminum impact extrusion slugs. The shot is cast from aluminum ingot melted and centrifugally formed in a proprietary process….

Congratulations to OSU Export Intern Josh Beard!

Aug 11, 2014 in News & Events

Transmet Corporation extends our congratulations to our OSU Export Intern Josh Beard. During Josh’s 12-week internship he participated in sales and export of products to: Spain Canada Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Argentina This is Transmet’s second year participating in the export intern program and we…