Zinc Needles

Transmet’s zinc needles are cast in a proprietary centrifugal atomization process that makes this product truly unique.

You will receive a size and shape you can rely on. We pride ourselves on consistency above all else.

Past Applications for Zinc Needles

Filler for brake and clutch friction pads

Zinc needles offer the perfect amount of sturdiness for clutch friction pads in vehicles. When friction is initiated between the engine and transmission, the zinc in the pads help absorb the force safely and efficiently.

Feedstock for chemical applications

Zinc is a great feedstock for large-scale chemical reactions.

Feedstock for battery applications

Lithium-ion battery production is ramping up as electric vehicles gain popularity. Zinc is among the several raw materials used in this production.

Feedstock for fuel cell applications

Fuel cells touch a number of vital industries including transportation, portable, and emergency backup power. Zinc needles are one of the key catalysts to keeping these in motion.

Briquetting binder in master alloys

Just as briquette binders play such a key role in the process of briquette production, zinc plays a huge role in the briquetting binders themselves.

Zinc Needles Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Product Name Basic Shape Length (inches/microns) Thickness (inches/microns) Bulk Density (lbs/ft³ – g/cm³)
RSZ-100N Zinc Needles Needle 0.039/1000 0.007/200 237 / 3.8


What are zinc needles?

These are cast in our centrifugal atomization process. By changing the process, we can produce a needle like product.

What are some of the most common uses for zinc needles?

Some of the most common uses for our zinc needles are as a briquetting binder in master alloys, feedstock for chemical, battery, and fuel cell applications and as a filler for brake and clutch friction pads.

What other names are zinc needles known by in the industry?

Zinc fibers or zinc whiskers.

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