Cast Zinc Shot

Picking the right shot media is your most important decision for starting the shot blasting process. You must consider the shot’s ability to remove flash, coatings, and other blemishes, but doing so without damaging the material’s substrate while providing a uniform finish.

Streamline your shot blasting process with Transmet’s effective and productive Cast Zinc Shot.  The softest metallic shot for light metal castings.

Transmet’s Cast Zinc Shot delivers painless removal without leaving an aggressive surface profile. They are dense like steel, but gentle enough to deliver a bright and evenly textured finish. Our rapidly solidification process results in a fine grain structure that enhances the durability of our shot.

Cast Zinc Shot vs The Rest

Transmet’s Cast Zinc Shot delivers the best in-class overall care and endurance. It’s manufactured to outlast other blast media while causing less dust. Cast Zinc Shot lasts 2x longer than Cast Stainless Steel despite having the same density. Because it creates significantly less dust, zinc shot makes for an easier cleanup effort. Cast Zinc Shot also lasts 3x longer than Zinc Cut Wire and 4x longer than Cast Steel Shot.

Applications for Cast Zinc Shot

Removing paint, powder coat, e-coat, etc.

Remove paint in the most efficient way thanks to Transmet’s Cast Zinc Shot. Doesn’t leave any scratches, marks, or signs of wear. Parts will look like they did before the coating process. Cleaning fixtures is another great application for cast zinc shot. Removing coatings will keep your process working as it should.

Surface finishing of aluminum, zinc, or magnesium castings

The right hardness and density make cast zinc shot the right choice for finishing these castings. Flash removal and an even surface finish without damaging detail from castings. Cast zinc shot will also resist delamination of the casting surface or warping.

Surface preparation for painting or coating

Surfaces need to be without blemishes when it comes time for painting. This ensures a more even seamless paint job.

Removing ceramic from investment castings

The surface finish on investment castings is typically very smooth. Cast zinc can remove the ceramic shell from the casting without profiling the casting surface.

Descaling and rust removal remanufactured parts

Restore the look of your parts through descaling and rust removal. Cast zinc removes heat treat scale without removing metal from the substrate.

Purpose of Cast Zinc Shot

Cast zinc shot provide a clean bright surface finish with no damage to parts. Delicate features like date codes and part numbers are preserved, as well as threads and mating surfaces. Cast zinc is a soft abrasive with a high bulk density that will quickly even out surface finishes without damaging your parts. Transmet’s Cast Zinc Shot enhances the lifespan of your machine, helping you avoid wear and tear keeping your blast equipment running like new, improving your bottom line for years to come. Our zinc has been thoroughly tested and proven to be a safeguard against wear and tear on your internal components like control cages, wheel liners, and blades. Blast wheels have survived more than 25,000 hours of blasting without experiencing damage or replacement.    


The ZA4 alloy is the most popular and most aggressive form of Transmet Cast Zinc Shot. It has a greatly increased durability over the HG alloy. The ZA4 alloy will last up to 300% longer than zinc cut wire in blast cleaning operations. The HG alloy is made from High Grade Zinc. This alloy is similar in hardness to zinc cut wire and imparts an equivalent surface finish on castings. The HG alloy lasts up to 50% longer than zinc cut wire in blast cleaning operations.

Product Specifications

Product Name S.A.E. Equivalent Cut Wire Equivalent Typical Shot Diameter (Inches/Microns) Harness Knoop
RSZ-300 ZA4 S-110 0.010″ 0.012/300 91
RSZ-500 ZA4 S-170 .020″ .019/500 91
RSZ-750 ZA4 S-230 .030″ .029/750 91
RSZ-850 ZA4 S-280 .040″ .033/850 91
RSZ-1200 ZA4 S-390 0.055″ 0.055/1200 91
RSZ-500 HG S-170 .020″ .019/500 68
RSZ-750 HG S-230 .030″ .029/750 68
RSZ-850 HG S-280 .040″ .033/850 68


Standard packaging for HG and ZA4 zinc products is 25 lb. bags.


What is the benefit of Transmet zinc shot over other media?

Cast shot outlasts all other zinc media. From a metallurgical view zinc softens as it is used until it fails. Cut wire is drawn then chopped, so it is partially worn out in the forming process. Transmet can also customize the alloy specifically to enhance the shot performance.

What is the difference between cast zinc shot and other zinc shot?

Cast zinc shot is produced by melting zinc ingot and centrifugally atomizing the molten steam to form the shot. In producing zinc cut wire the ingot is drawn into wire and then the wire is cut to size.

Is Transmet cast zinc shot better than zinc cut wire shot that I am currently using?

Transmet has customer testimonials that support the longer life of zinc cast shot. In addition, customers have reported reduced blast cycle times and a better cosmetic finish by using Transmet’s cast zinc shot.

How long does Transmet zinc shot last?

Transmet has test equipment that routinely shows 2x more durable than zinc cut wire and cast stainless steel, 5x more durable than steel shot and 3000x more durable than garnet. This data is supported by our customer’s testimonials as well.

Can I see the finish on my part before I order?

Yes! Transmet has an air blast, tumble blast and a 36″ table blast equipment in our lab. We encourage you to send us your parts so we can blast them here so you can see the finish possibilities under various conditions.

What other names is zinc shot known by in the industry?

Zinc shot can be called shot media, blast media, cut wire, grit, granular and blasting media to name a few.

Can Transmet customize zinc alloy for my particular process?

Yes. Transmet can cast alloys to your specific needs.

What is the difference between Transmet’s HG and ZA4 zinc shot?

HG is made from zinc metal. It is softer than the ZA4. ZA4 is our custom-made zinc alloy specially made to maximize the cleaning ability and the life of the shot.

Will the ‘tails’ on Transmet’s zinc shot damage my parts?

No. The ‘tails’ are a product of our process. The soft metal rounds up in about 50 cycles. Even with 100% new cast shot you will not see an issue with the tails. As part of a working mix new shot is less than 1% part of any mix.

Can Transmet zinc shot be recycled?

Yes. In most cases, the left-over particles can be recycled.

What about dust?

Transmet shot products produces much less dust. When any shot wears out it turns to fine particles and dust. Since our shot last three times longer you will have at least three times less dust!

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