Transmet Lab Testing & Process Development

Interested in trying Transmet’s products but having trouble getting production time to test them? Transmet will test your parts with our media for free. Just ship us your parts and we will test them in our lab and develop a process for you.

Save the shutdowns and change overs and let Transmet handle it for you. We provide you the ability to explore different sizes of cast zinc, cast aluminum, and stainless-steel grit media without interrupting your production schedule.

Transmet Testing Equipment

36 inch table blast

  • • A single 5 HP blast wheel that can oscillate.
  • • Variable speed drives for controlling blast wheel and table speeds
  • • Can be converted to Spinner Hanger Blast by adding a tree style hanger

1.5 Cubic Foot Tumble Blaster

  • • A single 5 HP blast wheel
  • • Variable speed drive controlling blast wheel and belt speeds

INEX Suction Blast Air Blaster/Clemco Pressure Pot

  • • 46 x 26 cabinet. Suction pressure to 110 psi. Pressure pot capacity 0.5 cubic foot.

All blast equipment equipped with quick media change capabilities. All using Torit Dust Collectors.

We also have an Ervin Test Machine to evaluate the durability and aggressiveness of abrasive shot. This area of the lab also has shaker screens and scales to classify shot.

Please fill out the form to the right and somebody will be in touch with you to get the testing started.