Surface Finishing & Shot Blasting

Is your current shot leaving a dull grey finish with embedded rust as a result of ferrous contamination?

Are you experiencing destruction of detail or erosion of critical areas? Transmet’s cast zinc and aluminum shot may be a solution for you.

Our cast zinc shot and cast aluminum shot, creates less dust, and extends the life of your shot blasting machine equipment, all while using less shot to create a better overall finish with fewer rejects.

Cast Zinc

Still blasting with stainless steel, zinc cut wire and steel shot? Cast zinc shot outlasts these materials by 2x, 3x, and 4x without causing galvanic corrosion.

Works well with

Aluminum, zinc and magnesium casted parts, as well as many more. Available in 300, 500, 750, 850 and 1200 microns (1000 micron = 1 mm)

90 Knoop Hardness

Sturdy enough to handle heavier flash, yet a blast media soft enough to not damage delicate castings in applications ranging from surface finishing to deflashing and deburring.

Cast Aluminum

Looking for a versatile blast media Transmet’s Cast Aluminum Shot lasts twice as long as stainless steel. Clean, debur and deflash non-ferrous products like light metal castings while leaving critical date coding information and delicate gasket surfaces unharmed.

Sizing options include: 400, 600, 900, and 1200-micron sizes (1000 micron = 1 mm).

Prevent over-blasting damage by going with a material provider that has the aluminum shot with a hardness similar to your cast parts.

Transmet offers two popular cast aluminum options: 

  • 319 Alloy: 100 Knoop hardness (HK), perfect for most blast cleaning applications. 
  • 2N (P1020): 25 HK, ideal for blasting applications requiring a softer touch like remanufactured diesel engine components that have become annealed in use on a hot engine.


Deliver a brighter, higher quality finished product to your customers with our cast aluminum options.

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