Durable, Long-Lasting Aluminum Flake Coatings

Transmet’s Aluminum Flake Coatings will hold up in terms of both quality and longevity. 100+ million square feet of roofing surface has been protected by Transmet’s aluminum flake.


Transmet Corporation Aluminum Flakes are rapidly solidified in our proprietary melt spinning process. The flakes are very uniform in size and shape.


Our flakes have a high surface area to mass ratio, making them a safer alternative to working with explosive powders. Standard Transmet Aluminum Flake is 99.9% pure aluminum as cast and contains about 7,000,000 flakes per pound. Each flake will be about the thickness of aluminum foil.

Our Highly-Reflective Aluminum Flakes


We deliver an incredible reflective quality even 30 years later for any commercial roofing project. See these buyers who promote and warranty a 30 year roof with our product – Five Star Commercial Roofing as well as ACR1.  These roofers all call our flakes “chips.” These chips outlast other materials like acrylic, aluminized asphalt and brown granules that end up cracking and peeling over a few years.

Close up of Aluminum Flakes

Other suppliers will talk about the lower cost of these inferior materials, but what you save up front you’ll pay for times over down the line. Since 1980, our flakes have been used across a variety of roofing applications and trusted by many top installers across the U.S., covering more than 100 million square feet of roofs.


To reduce your utility bills due to lower air conditioning costs, choose Transmet’s aluminum flake application process.  Our flakes have an exceptionally high surface area to mass ratio making them the ideal alternative to working with explosive powders and other volatile substances. For more information about Transmet’s aluminum flakes in highly reflective roofing applications, visit the U.S. Department of Energy.

About Our Aluminum Flakes

Used Since 1980

Transmet Aluminum Flakes have been successfully used since 1980 in many roofing applications. Over 100 million square feet of roofing surface has been covered by our Aluminum Flakes.

Solar Reflectivity

Transmet Aluminum Flakes have a total solar reflectivity of 80%. The unique high purity aluminum alloy that Transmet uses is extremely durable and will maintain its reflectivity. Transmet Aluminum Flakes are 99.9%. Typical coverage is 3-lbs per 100 square feet.

We’re Experts

Transmet has produced over 100,000,000 -lbs of rapidly solidified products in their history. Their know-how and expertise is unmatched in the world

Additional Information

For more information about Transmet Aluminum Flakes in highly reflective roofing applications you may visit the U.S. Department of Energy article or the Highly Reflective Roof Coating page.

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