Cast Aluminum Shot

The Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot provides the delicate touch needed to keep your gasket surfaces safe while simultaneously removing corrosion.

From cleaning unwanted rust to flash removal of light metal castings, this cast aluminum shot serves a number of purposes. This lightweight blast media excels in coating removal, paint removal, and any cleaning application that requires a gentle touch. Cast aluminum shot is a good choice when a non-contaminating blast media is needed on aluminum parts.

Transmet manufactures cast aluminum shot in 2 alloys. 319, the harder of the two is a good choice for general blast cleaning. Our 2N is dead soft aluminum great for cleaning softer surfaces that can’t be profiled. 2N is also a good choice for other non-blasting applications.

Cast Aluminum Shot vs The Rest

The Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot is built to produce less dust than other blast media, outlasting many of the other cast shots on the market. And when you compare Transmet’s Cast Aluminum Shot to glass bead or plastic media? It’s not even a fair fight—our aluminum shot outlasts both by over one thousand times while effectively cleaning your parts!

Applications for Cast Aluminum Shot

Key role in chemical manufacturing

Cast aluminum shot has a huge energy potential. Examples are fuel cells, batteries, and fuel for refining metals like titanium.

Removing paint and e-coat

Transmet’s Cast Aluminum Shot can easily remove powder coat, e-coat and more without risking leaving any signs of visible wear.

Additive in cast tooling

Aluminum shots help boost thermal conductivity for cast epoxy tooling reducing cycle times and reducing warping as the parts set. Aluminum shot is also less expensive than epoxy resin so it will keep tooling cost low.

Surface finishing non-ferrous components

Non-ferrous metals like aluminum magnesium, and zinc need to be surfaced without getting damaged. This enables them to retain their integrity for industrial applications without galvanic corrosion.

Removing ceramic from investment castings

Getting ceramic out of investment castings is a delicate job. Thankfully, Transmet’s Cast Aluminum Shots are made to be gentle. Removal of ceramic shell molds has never been simpler and hassle-free.

Purpose of Cast Aluminum Shots

With the help of Transmet’s Cast Aluminum Shots, you can increase the lifespan of your equipment while providing a smooth, bright finish that doesn’t include any nasty corrosion or contamination. The aluminum shot sends less energy to the parts being blasted and helps prevent warping. It’s the perfect lightweight substance for surface preparation. The low bulk density and hardness cleans without damage to delicate surfaces.

Eliminating Shot Blasting Machine Wear

Shot blasting machines go through a lot. With Transmet’s Cast Aluminum Shot, you will greatly reduce signs of damage and wear on your most critical internal components like the control cage, wheel liners, and blades. Similar to our Cast Zinc Shot, the Cast Aluminum Shot can handle many thousands of hours of blasting without noticeable damage.

Main Benefits of Cast Aluminum Shots

With the ability to avoid corrosion as well as high thermal conductivity, aluminum cast shots are renowned for their durability and versatility in many applications. Discover how Transmet’s Cast Aluminum Shot will enhance your process.


The 319 alloy is the most popular and aggressive form of Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot. It was engineered to have an ideal blend of hardness and durability with an average cycle life of 8,000 cycles. The 2N alloy is made from very pure aluminum and is significantly softer than the 319 alloy and not as aggressive. It is used on very delicate surfaces where a very smooth finish is desired. Average cycle life is 14,000 cycles.

Product Specifications

Product Name S.A.E. Equivalent Typical Shot Dia. (inches/ micron) Knoop Hardness as Cast** Knoop Hardness Peak in Use**
RSA-400(319) S-170 .015/400 102 149
RSA-600(319) S-230 .024/600 102 149
RSA-900(319) S-280 .035/900 102 149
RSA-1200(319) S-390 .047/1200 102 149
RSA-400(2N) S-170 .015/400 25 36
RSA-600(2N) S-230 .024/600 25 36
RSA-900(2N) S-280 .035/900 25 36
RSA-1200(2N) S-390 .047/1200 25 36


Standard packaging for 319 and 2N aluminum products is 50 lb. bags.


What are the benefits of Transmet’s cast aluminum shot over other media?

Transmet aluminum shot is cast from molten metal. Transmet can alloy and control the size of the shot by the speed of the centrifugal atomization process.

Can Transmet’s Aluminum shot be used in chemical processes?

Yes! In a chemical process the high purity is often preferred. Transmet shot can be certified to your needs by buying ingot that meets your standards for our casting process.

Can Transmet customize an aluminum alloy for my particular process?

Yes. Transmet can cast alloys to your specific needs.

What is the difference in Transmet’s 319 cast aluminum shot and 2N aluminum shot?

The 319 cast aluminum shot is cast from 319 alloy while the 2N is cast from pure aluminum. The 319 shot is significantly harder and is typically used for abrasive cleaning applications. The 2N shot is softer and very pure aluminum so it is used in chemical and filler applications.

Will the ‘tails’ on Transmet’s aluminum shot be damaging to my parts?

No. The ‘tails’ are a product of our process. The soft metal rounds up in about 50 cycles. Even with 100% new cast shot you will not see an issue with the tails. As part of a working mix new shot is less than 1% part of any mix.

Why does Transmet’s cast aluminum shot last longer than other aluminum shot?

When melting aluminum we can alloy to get the metal the best quality possible. The centrifugal atomization rapidly solidifies the shot so the grain structure is also enhanced beyond anything else available.

Can Transmet’s aluminum shot be used as a filler?

Yes! As a filler in epoxy or composites. Our casting surface has roughness that allows strong bonding in your material. Our unique shape offers a high bulk density to maximize the aluminum cast shot performance. Transmet shot wets out very well in epoxy and resin systems.

Can I see the finish on my part before I order?

Yes! Transmet has air blast and tumble blast equipment in our lab. We encourage you to send us your parts so we can blast them here so you can see the finish possibilities under various conditions.

Can Transmet aluminum shot be recycled?

Yes. In most cases, the left-over particles can be recycled.

What other names is aluminum shot known by in the industry?

Aluminum shot can be called shot media, blast media, cut wire, grit, granular and blasting media to name a few.

Can cast aluminum shot replace other kinds of media?

Yes! Our cast aluminum shot is made out of pure aluminum and has a higher bulk density compared to granular aluminum. Transmet’s process provides the ability to alloy and cast directly to size which results in a tougher, longer lasting product compared to cut aluminum wire.

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