Stainless Steel Grit

Transmet’s Stainless Steel Grit is the #1 alternative to substances like Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Copper Slag, and Garnet. You can deliver more energy to parts being cleaned, but in safer fashion.

Thanks to its enviable properties that include high hardness, angular shape, and high bulk density, Stainless Steel Grit helps deliver the most consistently smooth surface profile without harmful ferrous contamination.

Stainless Steel Grit vs Other Media

Transmet’s Stainless Steel Grit routinely outperforms other media in the areas of durability, resistance to fracture, and cleaning speed. Lifetime endurance is 30x greater than aluminum oxide, 50x greater than glass bead, and 60x greater than garnet!

Applications for Transmet’s Stainless Steel Grit

Surface finishing of non-ferrous components

Surface components without fear of damage. Transmet’s Stainless Steel Grit ensures that components maintain their integrity for various industrial purposes including roofing and electrical needs.

Surface preparation prior to paint or coating

Avoid corrosion with the most efficient stainless steel grit around. Easily strip your e-coat, powder coat, and other substances without leaving visible signs of wear.

Removal of ceramic from investment castings

Go easy on your investment castings with Transmet’s safe and efficient Stainless Steel Grit. Remove ceramic shell molds in straightforward, simple fashion.

Descaling of non-ferrous heat treat parts

Stainless steel grit aids in the descaling process to ensure that metal cleaning is conducted safely and effectively.

Cleaning and debluing of welded joints

Improve joint cleaning and avoid damages to equipment and other surface damages.

Etching of plastic components prior to bonding

The plastic preparation process becomes a lot easier with stainless steel grit on your side. Easily modify the surface chemistry to achieve longer lasting, better adhesion.

Anchor profiling for paint and powder coat adhesion

Coat manufacturers have a recommended anchor profile for each portion of the coating process. With stainless steel grit, you can find the optimal anchor pattern for maximum adhesion.

Stainless Steel Grit Product Specifications

The improvements in durability and resistance to fracture make Stainless Steel Grit a more operator-friendly media to blast with. The picture below compares the operator’s view after just 40 seconds of blasting with Aluminum Oxide to 4 minutes of blasting with Stainless Steel Grit.

Product Specifications

Product Name Basic Shape SAE Equivalent Size Range (mm) RA Surface Profile Bulk Density (lbs./ft3) Hardness Standard Package Size (lbs./Kg)
SSG-150 Angular G 80 0.125-0.425 6 225 58 55/25
SSG-250 Angular G 50 0.180-0.710 10 225 58 55/25
SSG-425 Angular G 40 0.300-1.00 15 225 58 55/25


Standard packaging for SSG products is 55 lb. bags.

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