Paint Removal and Coating Removal

If you have struggled to remove paint residue or coatings without damaging the underlying substrate, Transmet’s Cast Aluminum Shot and Cast Zinc Shot are the blast media you have been looking for.

Those in the auto industry have an intimate understanding of the work that’s involved to remove old paint without causing damage to threaded holes, wear on cores or fixtures. Automotive component rebuilders were among the first to look to Transmet shot blast media for a safer, more efficacious way of coating removal.

Now, we are utilized by companies in the removal of powder coating, liquid paint, and even rejected parts, fixtures, and jigs.

Why do companies trust us for their paint and coat removal needs?

Transmet’s Cast Aluminum Shot and Cast Zinc Shot have proven to be cleaner and less costly than other methods. Chemical stripping, burn off, and other shot blasting media simply do not get the job done the way it should. 


Plastic media, zinc cut wire, walnut shells, soda blasting, steel, and glass beads are not the most efficient ways to remove paint cleanly and without residue. Transmet’s unique casting process is proven to result in a longer lasting, low dust solution for better coat removal.

How long do our cast shots last?

Transmet is the leader in longevity. Our blast media lasts over 12,000 cycles before it needs to be replaced. How long does it last compared to other substances? Well, it lasts several thousand times longer than plastics, soda blast, to name a few. If you like saving time and money, while getting amazing results, Transmet’s Cast Aluminum and Cast Zinc Shots are your #1 option.

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