Aluminum Needles

Transmet’s Aluminum Needles offer power and strength to meet all industrial purposes. They are cast in a proprietary centrifugal air atomization process, meaning that they are clean and dry and lack any oils or dust.

Thanks to a consistent casting process, Transmet’s aluminum needles are able to maintain a reliable size and shape. Transmet’s aluminum needles serve a number of purposes, improving several key industrial processes.

Past Applications for Transmet’s Aluminum Needles

Binder for master alloying products produced by briquetting

Aluminum needles are the perfect binder for master alloying products.

Needles enhance thermal conductivity in epoxy molds

Thermal conductivity of a standard unfilled epoxy system is on the low side. With help from aluminum needles, this conductivity can be greatly enhanced.

Feedstock for chemical reactions

Our aluminum needles are excellent facilitators of chemical reactions.

Ingredient in drain cleaners

Aluminum is a chief ingredient within drain cleaners to help create the optimal chemical formula.

Aluminum Needles Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Product Name Basic Shape Length (inches/microns) Thickness (inches/microns) Bulk Density (lbs./ft3 | gr./cm3)
RSA-100N Needle 0.18 / 4800 0.02 / 500 79 / 1.26


What are aluminum needles?

These are cast in our centrifugal atomization process. By changing the process, we can produce a needle like product.

What are some of the most common uses for aluminum needles?

Some uses for our aluminum needles are as a briquetting binder in master alloys, an enhancer of thermal conductivity in epoxy molds, feedstock for chemical reactions and as an ingredient in drain cleaners.

What other names are aluminum needles known by in the industry?

Aluminum fibers or aluminum whiskers.

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