Increase Thermal Conductivity & Reduce Costs


Tired of recycled aluminum alloys only giving you the bare minimum conductivity in your cast epoxy and plastic molds?

Transmet only uses pure aluminum shot (and sometimes flakes) so you can increase the thermal conductivity of your resins up to 450%, compared to unfilled resins. 

Pure to us is truly pure: RSA (YYY) 2N. But purity is not enough. We also change the shape and texture of our shot to maximize performance from every angle. 

Our competitors using inferior aluminum shot pass on to you 20% less cycling times, without saving you money! Not only that, but our aluminum shot is easy to work with: wetting out well in resin systems with superior flowability. 

Superior Aluminum Flakes, Shots & Needles

Bind better, with greater thermal conductivity using less aluminum with Transmet’s superior Aluminum flakes, shots, and needles. Higher surface area, optimal bulk density, unique flake shape, and faster melting compared to ingot are the characteristics of better quality aluminum, meaning your jobs go smoother, in less time, at a lower cost. 

While the rest settle for aluminum products that simply work, we strive for innovation that creates aluminum products that work the best.

What Makes Our Aluminum Shot Different

Tadpole Particles

Our motto is Shape Makes a Difference® because instead of standard shot shape we shape our aluminum shot to resemble tadpoles, which maximizes point-to-point contact and thermal conductivity.

Textured Surface

Our tadpole shot is also textured so that it grips resin to reduce pull-out during drilling and machinery operation. The difference is clear: cut your costs, perform better and conduct more with Transmet’s aluminum shot.

Unique Flake Shape & Low Bulk Density

20lbs/cubic foot bulk density and unique flake shape equal less aluminum while binding better.

High Surface Area

Achieve optimal thermal conductivity while simultaneously using less aluminum to get the job done right. Nobody works harder than Transmet to create an aluminum flake that performs better.

Briquetting with Aluminum Needles

Less pure aluminum is less ductile, making your briquetting jobs more difficult. But Transmet’s is 99.0% pure. When your jobs need higher amounts of aluminum, simply think of us. 


But how do we bind such pure aluminum to your material? By increasing the bulk density and aspect ratio of our aluminum needles.

Alloying With Aluminum Shot

Easily mix our aluminum shot with other materials in your alloy compared to ingot, and achieve faster melting times too. 99.0% purity or greater and bulk density of 100-lbs/cubic foot equal better handling and easier job completion overall. When you work with aluminum, it just makes sense to work with Transmet. Our flakes are non-hazardous due to its high surface to weight ratio.

Better Chemical Reactions, Better Products & Processes


At Transmet we’re famous for our aluminum flakes in industries that use chemical reactions during production, and for good reason. 


Products that rely on chemical reactions—such as batteries, fuel cells, and catalyst production—rely on our higher purity aluminum flakes for greater productivity overall.

Better Than Aluminum Powder


With P-0303 or 99.92&+ pure aluminum, you can’t help but achieve a better outcome.

Aluminum powder may be the go-to for chemical reactions, but it’s not superior. Greater stability for improved transport and handling comes from our flakes achieving both high surface area and high mass per flake. 

If your product demands top of the line aluminum flakes, Transmet is the preferred partner. 

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