Increasing Thermal Conductivity in Epoxies and Plastics

3 Advantages of Using Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot as a Thermally Conductive Filler:

  1. Increase thermal conductivity by as much as 450%
  2. Stronger bond with resins
  3. Excellent wet out

Cast Epoxy Tooling manufacturers’ main concerns are part quality and cycle time. Adding Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot to cast epoxy molds can increase thermal conductivity by as much as 450% versus unfilled resins. The ‘tadpole’ shape of the Shot maximizes point-to-point contact, ensuring greater thermal conductivity. Higher conductivity increases molding cycle times and improves part quality. In most cases, adding Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot will increase thermal conductivity and reduce the cost of the mold.

Instead of being a recycled scrap product, Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot is made from high-purity aluminum ingot. The casting process results in Shot that is clean, dry, and oil-free. This is important to Cast Epoxy Tooling manufacturers, as the high-purity is a great conductor and the cleanliness assures a strong bond with epoxy systems.

As mentioned earlier, Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot is cast in a ‘tadpole’ shape. This shape will bond better with resins than any other aluminum filler available. The high-purity tadpoles are air cast with a textured surface that “grabs” the resin, resulting in less pull-out during machining or drilling operations.

Pictured: an epoxy disc filled with Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot.

Pictured: an epoxy disc filled with Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot.

Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot wets out very well in epoxy and resin systems. Most Transmet customers load the epoxy with as much Shot as possible, since the Shot is cheaper than epoxy. Loads of 50 to 60%, by volume, are typical. Loading beyond 60% may reduce tool strength. The size of the Shot is dependent upon the mold and the parts being made.

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