Operator Visibility: Aluminum Oxide vs Stainless Steel Grit

Visibility Inside the Blast Cabinet

This shot blasting (or abrasive blasting) video shows you side-by-side footage inside an Air Blast Cabinet. Both clips were filmed under the same conditions.

The footage on the left is blasting with Aluminum Oxide media while the footage on the right is blasting with Transmet Stainless Steel Grit.

Dust Clouds View of the Part

Witness the difference in visibility from the operator’s point of view. Notice the dust cloud created by Aluminum Oxide, obstructing view of the Steel part.

Transmet Blast Cabinet Visibility Comparison

Most air blast applications will consume 30x more Aluminum Oxide (causing the dust clouds). Blasting with Stainless Steel Grit creates less dust and improves visibility.

Test Parameters

  • Blasting mild steel channels
  • Air blast cabinet
  • Dust collection system
  • Direct pressure pot (80 psi)

Applications for Transmet Stainless Steel Grit

  • Anchor profiling for paint and powder coat adhesion
  • Surface preparation for painting or coating
  • Surface finishing non-ferrous components
  • Etching plastic components prior to bonding
  • Removing ceramic from investment castings
  • Descaling non-ferrous heat treat parts
  • Cleaning and debluing welded joints

To get the finish you need without the dust and mess, use Stainless Steel Grit (SSG) from Transmet. Stainless Steel Grit is proven to be more durable and resistant to fracture than other abrasive. The media will outlast Aluminum Oxide by 30x, Garnet by 60x, and Glass Bead by 50x.

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