Leave Glass Bead in the Dust

Replacing Glass Bead

Does this picture of dust build-up from shot blasting with glass bead look familiar?

Leave Glass Bead in the Dust

Leave glass bead in the dust by switching blast media. Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot and Cast Zinc Shot is proven to be cleaner and less costly than other methods like chemical stripping, burn off, and even shot blasting with low-durability media like glass bead, aluminum oxide, zinc cut wire, plastic media, walnut shells, and more.

A Cleaner Shot Blasting Operation

Clean up your shop by switching to Cast Zinc Shot. ZA4 alloy Cast Zinc Shot lasts over 1,000x as long as glass bead. The dust you see in the picture above comes from used up glass bead; turning to dust almost immediately when compared to high durability alternatives.

The resulting finish on parts is brighter, smoother, and more fingerprint-resistant after switching to Cast Zinc Shot. Learn more on the Cast Zinc Shot page.

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