What is the Right Hardness of Shot?

Transmet has worked with companies to find the right hardness of shot for profiling of impact extrusion slugs.

It’s important to impart the correct profile without embedding on the slugs, which can be done by altering hardness and sizes of Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot.

Cast Aluminum Shot

Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot is a long-lasting, low-dust blast media that has seen successful applications in profiling aluminum impact extrusion slugs. The shot is cast from aluminum ingot melted and centrifugally formed in a proprietary process.

The resulting product is clean shot free from moisture or other contamination.

Two Hardness Ranges

Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot is available in two hardness ranges and four sizes, allowing you to tailor the shot to fit the profile you require.

2N Alloy Cast Aluminum Shot is made from P-1020 aluminum. It has a hardness of 25 Knoop. 2N shot is ideal for profiling of higher purity aluminum slugs.

319 Alloy Cast Aluminum Shot is made from 319 aluminum. The hardness is 100 Knoop. The higher hardness allows for the profiling of higher alloy aluminum slugs.

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