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Oct 21 2014, by Transmet Corp in Application Bulletins

Switching Your Blast Media

Don’t be too busy to try switching your blast media. Transmet customers have reported:

Lower shot usage

Lower freight expense

Lower inventory cost

Lower amount of dust

Too Busy to try Switching Blast Media


Cast Zinc Shot Will Last Longer

ZA4 Cast Zinc Shot is far more durable than other types of blast media. It will last 3x longer than steel shot, 2x longer than stainless steel, and 1,000x longer than aluminum oxide and glass bead.

This increase in durability provides more consistent surface finish quality and improved productivity from less frequent shot replacement.

Switching Your Blast Media: Durability Comparison Between Cast Zinc Shot, Cast Aluminum Shot, Cast Steel, Zinc Cut Wire, and Cast Stainless Steel


Leaves Surface Bright and Smooth

Transmet’s Cast Zinc Shot is a soft metallic blast media that cleans and removes flash quickly without damage. Cast Zinc Shot will leave a 1- to 2-micron-thick coating on blasted parts. The coating will provide temporary rust prevention on ferrous surfaces.

Surfaces will be bright and smooth. (learn more about Cast Zinc Shot)

Switching Your Blast Media: Cast Zinc Shot leaves smooth, bright surface finish


Easy on Blast Equipment

Changing Your Blast Media: Easy Switch to Cast Zinc Shot

Cast Zinc Shot is also far easier on blast equipment than harder blast media like steel shot, stainless steel, and mineral abrasive media. Blast wheel wear, fixture damage, cabinet, and hose damage are virtually non-existent after switching your blast media to Cast Zinc Shot. (see a blast wheel after 16,200 hours of Cast Zinc Shot)

Cast Zinc Shot has roughly the same density as steel and stainless steel blast media, so switching is easy. Amperage gauge readings will be similar in you blast machine.


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