Video: Flash Removal with Cast Zinc Shot

Jun 23 2016, by skynetmts in News & Events


Efficient Flash Removal

Transmet was approached by a custom die caster that was having a tough time eliminating defects in the shot blasting process. Their media at the time was warping the casting; a common pain point for many die casters.

Most conventional blasting media are either very hard or have a high density. It is also common for media to have both characteristics. Hard and high density blast media will generate a lot of heat when blasting parts, causing distortion and warping.

The custom die caster provided parts for testing at the Transmet Test Lab (shown in the video above) where Transmet Sales Engineers were able to determine the perfect size, hardness, and density media that efficiently removed flash and burrs without warping.


Transmet Test Lab

Transmet works with hundreds of die cast companies every year to uncover and eliminate issues in the shot blasting process. Delamination, warping, machine wear, and other issues that cost time and money can be solved.

If you have a similar application or think your shot blasting process can be improved, send Transmet an email or call (614) 276-5522.