Cast Aluminum and Cast Zinc Shot Blast Media

Transmet Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of Cast Shot: Cast Aluminum Shot and Cast Zinc Shot.

Key Benefits of Cast Aluminum and Cast Zinc Shot:

  • Does not damage substrates or wear blast equipment
  • Leave smooth, shiny surface finish on parts
  • No ferrous contamination on parts
  • Increased durability (cycle life) of media
  • Low dust

Shot Blasting Applications

Surface Finishing of Castings: Transmet Cast Shot products are used in surface finishing applications where ferrous contamination and/or damage to parts being shot blasted is a concern.

Cast Aluminum and Cast Zinc Shot Blast Media

Learn more about surface finishing applications.

Paint and Coating Removal: Transmet Cast Shot products have proven to be cleaner and less costly than other paint and coating removal methods like chemical stripping, burn off, and even shot blasting with other media.

paint and coating removal

Learn more about paint and coating removal applications.

Corrosion Removal in Remanufacturing: Transmet Cast Shot products are similar in hardness to many substrates, making it easy to clean old paint, corrosion, and residue to refresh cores to “like new” OEM appearance.

corrosion removal

Other Applications: Transmet Cast Shot products have also found successful applications outside of shot blasting. Adding Transmet’s pure aluminum shot to cast epoxy molds increases thermal conductivity by as much as 450% versus unfilled resins.

Durability Compared to Other Blast Media

The unique casting process used to produce both Cast Aluminum Shot and Cast Zinc Shot results in high durability, long-lasting products proven to outlast alternatives. Compare both Transmet Cast Shot products to Cast Stainless Steel, Zinc Cut Wire, and Cast Steel Shot.

Shot Blasting Machine Wear

Transmet Blast Media significantly reduces damage and wear on high-wear internal components like the impeller, control cage, wheel liners, blast wheel and blades. Cabinet wear as a whole is virtually eliminated.

This blast wheel has over 17000 hours of blasting with Transmet Cast Zinc Shot without damage:

Blast Wheel Maintenance 17000 hours

Cast Zinc Shot

Transmet Cast Zinc Shot is a soft metallic blast media for deburring, deflashing, and surface finishing of light metal castings and other non ferrous products. Cast Zinc Shot has a density closer to stainless steel, giving it the mass to remove heavier flash. The 90 HK hardness of Transmet’s ZA4 Alloy is soft enough that it will not damage delicate castings. The resulting surface finish is very bright and evenly textured. If ZA4 Alloy Cast Zinc Shot is too hard, Transmet’s HG Alloy is softer (with a hardness of 60 HK) and suitable for applications requiring a very smooth surface finish.

Learn more about Transmet Cast Zinc Shot here.

Cast Aluminum Shot

Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot blast media is gentle enough to protect delicate gasket surfaces and critical date coding information; yet aggressive enough for deburring, deflashing, and general cleaning of light metal castings and other non ferrous products. The 319 alloy is the most popular for blast cleaning. The 100 Knoop hardness (HK) of the 319 alloy shot is similar in hardness to many die cast parts. For extra delicate blasting applications the 2N alloy can be used. The hardness is 25 HK.

Learn more about Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot here.

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