Video: Cast Zinc Shot in Automotive Paint Removal Application

Automotive Paint Removal

The above 30-second clip was filmed in Transmet’s Shot Blasting Media Support Lab.

The part being blasted is an automotive paint fixture (or jig) covered in layers of paint. Using Transmet’s ZA4 Cast Zinc Shot in a blast cabinet, the fixture was stripped of all paint.

A paint line could have thousands of these fixtures and jigs and they are expensive to replace. Shot blasting with Cast Zinc Shot can prove to be a safer and more efficient alternative to chemical stripping, burn off, or shot blasting with more aggressive blast media.

Transmet Blast Media

Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot and Cast Zinc Shot have found many applications in paint removal and coating removal. The unique casting process used to produce Transmet Blast Media results in a long lasting, low-dust, and cost-effective solution for paint removal.

Visit the Paint and Coating Removal page to learn more.

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