Too Busy to Improve Your Surface Finish?

Transmet will do the Test Blasting

Transmet Will Do the Test Blasting

If you are too busy to investigate ways to improve surface finish, let Transmet do the shot blasting tests for you. We know it’s difficult for even the most cost-effective companies to find time to look at improvements in their manufacturing processes.

That is why a great first step in discovering if Cast Zinc Shot or Cast Aluminum Shot will work for your shot blasting process is to have the testing done in our Media Support Lab.

Blast Media Support Lab

The shot blasting Media Support Lab is located at our plant in Columbus, Ohio. We have shot blasting equipment in-house to blast finish parts you send in at no cost.

Transmet Engineers will demonstrate the resulting surface finishes from various sizes of Cast Zinc Shot, Cast Aluminum Shot, and Stainless Steel Grit. Process development work can also be completed in order to optimize cycle times, belt speed, and other blast parameters.

Changing Blast Media

Examples of successful applications of Transmet Blast Media:

  • Transmet blast media lasts longer than alternatives
  • Improves surface finish (smoother, brighter) on parts
  • Eliminates ferrous contamination
  • Eliminates warping of blasted parts
  • Less dust in your plant and to dispose of

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