Results Speak

Shot Blasting Results Speak

Members of the automotive industry (OEMs, tier-one and tier-two suppliers) turn to Transmet Cast Zinc Shot blast media for finishing and paint removal; and the results speak for themselves. Below is a paint fixture (or paint jig) used to hold automotive parts as they move through a paint line. These fixtures and jigs inevitably get coated in paint in the process.

A paint line could have thousands of these fixtures and jigs and their detail and specificity make them expensive to replace. Shot blasting with Cast Zinc Shot is usually a safer and more efficient alternative to chemical stripping, burn off, or shot blasting with more aggressive blast media.

Results Speak for themselves

Applications for Cast Zinc Shot

Pictured above is a paint fixture (or jig) before and after shot blasting with Transmet Cast Zinc Shot. The blast media easily removes the paint left from the assembly line so the fixtures can be used again quickly; using less shot and creating less dust in the process.

Implementing the right blast media into your manufacturing process will deliver the best results while saving time and cost associated with high dust and low cycle life.

Transmet has seen successful applications of Cast Zinc Shot across many industries; effectively used for paint removal, deburring, surface cleaning and finishing, and more. Visit our Applications page to learn more about the shot blasting results specific to your company.

To learn more about our high durability, low-dust blast media visit the Cast Zinc Shot page.

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