Aluminum Flakes

Transmet Rapidly Solidified Aluminum Flakes

Transmet Corporation Aluminum Flakes are rapidly solidified in our proprietary melt spinning process. The flakes are very uniform in size and shape.

Transmet’s flakes have a high surface area to mass ratio, making them a safer alternative to working with explosive powders. Standard Transmet Aluminum Flake is 99.93% pure aluminum as cast and contain about 7,000,000 flakes per pound. Each flake will be about the thickness of aluminum foil.

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Producing Aluminum Flakes

Transmet has produced over 50,000,000-lbs of rapidly solidified products in their history. Their know-how and expertise is unmatched in the world. Transmet also manufactures a 99.99% high purity Aluminum Flake and other aluminum alloys upon request.

Watch the video below to see our chill block melt spinning process in action:

Applications for Aluminum Flakes
  • Feedstock for chemical reactions
  • Fuel cells and batteries
  • Exothermic applications
  • Binder agent for master alloy briquetting
  • Drain cleaners
  • Thermal and electrical conductivity enhancement in plastics
  • Granular alternative for highly reflective roofing applications

Details on how Aluminum Flakes can benefit chemical reactions can be found in the article Shape Makes a Difference.

For more information about Transmet Aluminum Flakes in highly reflective roofing applications you may visit the U.S. Department of Energy article or the Highly Reflective Roof Coating page.

Product Specifications
Product Name
Basic Shape
Bulk Density
Repose Angle (degrees) Standard Package Size
K-101 Rectangular Flake 0.02/600 .04/1000 .001/25 20/0.32 44 20/9.1
K-102 Square Flake 0.04/1000 .04/1000 .001/25 20/0.32 44 25/11.34

– Data based on standard alloy of 99% aluminum or purer
– All products made by direct metal forming rapid solidification processes
– All dimensions are average sizes

Special shapes, alloys, or metals available upon request; including zinc, bronze, copper, and tin.
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