Solving Excessive Wear Issues in Cylinder Refinishing Industry


Companies refinishing compressed gas cylinders for various industries have historically used steel shot to clean rust from the tanks prior to hydrostatic testing and re-painting of the cylinders.

Many cylinder refinishers experience a great deal of machine wear in a short period of time due to using hard Steel Shot in their shot blasting equipment.


Transmet has extensive experience with paint, powder coat, and rust removal using a highly durable media – Cast Zinc Shot – that provides the density of Steel Shot without the machine damage. Cast Zinc Shot outlasts Steel Shot by four to five times, resulting in significantly less dust in the work environment.

Blasting compressed gas cylinders requires paint and rust to be removed without removing metal from the cylinders. At 91 Knoop, Cast Zinc Shot is the correct hardness to achieve this, leaving a consistent and uniform surface finish without profile.


Companies that have switched realize years of production savings on blast component wear by blasting with Cast Zinc Shot (in place of Steel Shot). Without holes in the back of the machine, media is kept off the floor and operator safety is improved. This ultimately creates a shot blasting step with less frequent maintenance intervals and more consistent performance.

One customer discovered the ability to blast the valves on the cylinders without damaging them. Previously, valves would be damaged by Steel Shot and had to be removed prior to blasting.

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