Shot Blasting Applications For Stainless Steel Grit


For decades, sand was the standard media for shot blasting. Sandblasting was developed by Benjamin Tilghman in 1870 when he produced a machine to strip away rust and paint from some surfaces. It was extremely effective for the time period until safety became a concern. Inhaling the particles can lead to dangerous health issues.

In late 1930’s, safer alternatives were replacing sand. Media such as Aluminum Oxide, Glass Bead, Silicon Carbide, Copper Slag, Garnet, and others were being used to achieve the same result as sandblasting. This blast media has been around for decades and is readily available around the globe.

The challenge for users of the above products comes from high amounts of dust and waste. Many shot blasting applications would benefit from a highly durable media that gives the finish required without the dust and mess.

Transmet Approach

Many shot blasting applications would benefit from Stainless Steel Grit. The blast media utilizes its angular shape, high hardness, and high bulk density to deliver more energy to the parts being blasted. The resulting surface profile is consistent, bright, and without ferrous contamination.

Stainless Steel Grit is more durable and resistant to fracture than other media. This allows it to last thirty times longer than Aluminum Oxide, fifty times longer than Glass Bead, and sixty times longer than Garnet. Blast machine operators will have clearer views of the parts.


Surface finishing non-ferrous components, preparing surface for painting or coating, removing ceramic from investment castings, descaling non-ferrous heat treat parts, cleaning and debluing welded joints, etching plastic components prior to bonding, and anchor profiling for paint and powder coat adhesion.

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