Replacing Vibratory Finishing with Dry Shot Blasting

Business Challenge

Vibratory finishing is a time-consuming and chemically-intensive process that requires the proper balance of media and cleaning agent. It is a wet process with potential to cause discoloration of parts being cleaned. An additional drying process is required.

When ferrous parts are involved, vibratory finishing can cause flash rust and require an additional rust-preventative step.

Transmet Approach

Shot blasting (abrasive blasting) is a dry process more efficient than vibratory finishing. The cleaning and polishing of parts is fast when blasted with a soft, metallic media like Cast Zinc Shot or Cast Aluminum Shot.

Blasting with Cast Zinc Shot will provide temporary rust prevention when ferrous parts are involved, eliminating the possibility of additional steps.

Project Outcome

Replacing vibratory finishing with dry shot blasting increases throughput, eliminates process steps, and reduces machinery footprint in plants.

Transmet has encountered cases where process times are reduced by five to ten times. Maintenance of cleaning chemical chemistries is completely eliminated. With the reduction in steps, bottleneck in the cleaning process are eliminated and throughput is increased.

There are additional benefits of added floorspace. One blast machine will typically take the place of several vibratory bowls.

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