Replacing Aluminum Oxide to Reduce Shot Blasting Dust

Business Challenge

Companies are consuming massive quantities of Aluminum Oxide every month and generating a lot of dust. This dust reduces visibility for blast machine operators and becomes a nuisance to collect and dispose of.

Sometimes the excess dust clouding the machine blocks the view of the parts completely and forces the operator to stop working and let the dust clear. This became an issue for the three companies below.

Transmet Approach

Aluminum Oxide will hit a part three or four times before it fractures and turns to dust. It is a very hard media with a low bulk density. The three companies approached Transmet about the extremely durable Cast Zinc Shot.

Cast Zinc Shot will hit a part over 12,000 times before it fractures and turns to dust. It is a relatively soft material with a higher bulk density compared to Aluminum Oxide. This factor allows the shot to clean more effectively without the work stoppage dust causes.

Project Outcomes

Investment Casting Company: replaced Aluminum Oxide and immediately noticed an improvement in cleaning efficiency

Remanufacturing Operation: replaced Aluminum Oxide and reduced purcahses from truckload quantities to 1,500 lb monthly usage

Tier-One Automotive Coating Supplier: replaced Aluminum Oxide and eliminated the need for operators to stop working for clouded cabinets

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