Reduce reject rate from blast media contamination

Business Challenge

Customers were blasting aluminum parts and needed a more gentle media to match the hardness of the substrate. One customer wanted to achieve a specific surface profile on castings without contamination. Another wanted to clean without damage to critical surfaces because of a defect rate above 30%.

Transmet Approach

Transmet first looked at the alloy of Company One (large North American supplier of packaging material). Transmet determined the best non-contaminating alloys would be the same one as the substrate. This alloy was also similar in hardness, providing the ability to achieve the desired surface profile.

Company Two (large heavy equipment manufacturer and remanufacturer) required a media that would not over-blast (damage) critical airflow passages in turbo housings.

Both companies utilized Transmet’s in-house testing capabilities to confirm the challenge and identify potential solutions.

Project Outcome

Company One set out with the goal of reducing the number of rejected parts due to blast media contamination at their customer’s plant. Using the same alloy as the substrate, Transmet matched the chemical composition and hardness of the material being blasted. The results were a reduction in the number of rejected parts with an added bonus of an increase in durability of blast media.

Company Two was able to significantly lower the defect rate from over-blasting and damaging parts. As an added benefit, Transmet Cast Aluminum Shot eliminated machine wear and significantly reduced dust.

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