Preventing Rust After Blasting Ferrous Parts


In hot humid summer months many companies struggle to prevent blasted parts from rusting after blasting. Painting immediately after blasting isn’t always practical. Parts may be blasted at the end of the day or on Friday afternoon before they are ready to be coated. Many times these parts have to be re-blasted in order to continue in the manufacturing process. Using a rust preventative coating like LPS or WD-40 can add more steps when it’s time to paint or powder coat.

Transmet Approach

Transmets’ cast zinc shot does a good job removing mill scale and rust from ferrous parts. Even after blasting with zinc shot parts will not rust for several months even in the most humid environment. A thin micron level coating of zinc is applied on the substrate so the rust problem is solved.


Combining the Cast zinc shot and the Stainless Steel Grit (SSG) achieved both goals of preventing rust and profiling for paint adhesion. Feedback from customers said that the RSZ-850-ZA4 cast zinc shot and the SSG-425 stainless steel grit cleaned faster than a pure steel grit media.

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