Inhibit flash rust on ferrous parts after shot blasting

Business Challenge

Customers are cleaning ferrous parts prior to processing and/or painting. The methods being used are either steel shot blasting or chemical cleaning to prepare the surface for subsequent operations. Any delay between cleaning and further operations frequently results in flash rust developing on the surface, requiring parts to be reworked.

If any delay in these steps was expected, customers would put a chemical rust preventative on parts. This required additional cleaning and degreasing of the parts before further processing; causing a delay in production.

Transmet Approach

The non-ferrous nature of Transmet Cast Shot will not directly cause flash rust. Any residual shot left on parts will not cause corrosion. Zinc galvanizing is a very common method of rust-proofing steel products. It is an electrochemical process resulting in long-term rust prevention.

Shot Blasting with Cast Zinc Shot is a mechanical process that mimics the rust prevention aspect of galvanizing for short-term benefits.

Project Outcome

A large motorcycle manufacturing company used a chemical process to remove coatings from paint-rejected parts. Frequently, the parts developed flash rust because there was no protection from oxidation on the steel surface. Shot blasting with Cast Zinc Shot effectively removed the coatings and provided an oil-free temporary rust preventative to ensure no oxidation or rust; even if there was a delay in the manufacturing process.

Blasting with Cast Zinc Shot is a clean, dry process that eliminates the need to deal with caustic and hazardous chemicals. Disposal of the byproducts from Cast Zinc Shot is more environmentally friendly because Zinc is a recyclable material.

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