How Blast Media Impacts Blast Machine Component life

Business Challenge

When choosing the appropriate blast media for finishing, consider how it will impact machine wear and machine component life.

In many cases, companies will discover their blast media is too aggressive in relation to the part being blasted. This can cause unnecessary long-term wear issues on the equipment. Long-term wear on expensive equipment can impact production with frequent repair intervals and breakdowns.

Transmet Approach

Transmet attempts to match the hardness of the blast media to the part being blasted. This eliminates a lot of the problems associated with over-blasting. In many cases, a harder substrate may require coatings to be removed without damage to the part.

Paint rejected parts can be processed efficiently with Cast Zinc Shot or Cast Aluminum Shot without profiling the surface. Paint fixtures (or jigs) are cleaned continuously and are subject to long-term damage by blasting with overly-aggressive media. This long-term damage can also be prevented if a softer blast media can be used in the process.

Project Outcome

Shot blasting with Cast Zinc Shot or Cast Aluminum Shot eliminates the need for costly wear plates and other steps to reduce wear on blast equipment. Transmet blast media also reduces wear on fixtures and blast wheels. The result is less frequent maintenance repair intervals and more consistent performance from blast equipment.

It is not uncommon for blast wheels to still look and perform like new after more than 16,000 hours of production time blasting with Transmet Cast Zinc Shot or Cast Aluminum Shot.

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