The Goff 1.5 Cubic Foot Tumble Blaster Controls Upgrade


In 2023, Transmet, a leading manufacturer and supplier of rapidly solidified metals, faced several challenges with their mid-1970’s Goff Tumble Blaster. This machine preforms test blasts for customers to evaluate cast zinc and aluminum shot on trial parts as a way to see the benefits before buying. The blasters aging mechanical contactors, non-functional shot brake, malfunctioning timer and hour meter, and other safety hazards posed by the blaster necessitated an upgrade to better serve our staff and customers alike.


Transmet reached out to Cardinal Parts & Equipment, a trusted partner in industrial equipment upgrades. The upgrade included replacing the 3.5 HP blast wheel motor with a more powerful 5 HP motor, resulting in a significant increase in the volume of shot thrown-from 63 lbs. to 144 lbs. of zinc per minute. The variable speed drive was also replaced with a new unit, and new internals were installed in the cabinet, including a timer circuit and a shot brake on the wheel. This prevented any unwanted shot from slinging out of the machine once blasting was complete as well as having greater ability to slow down or speed up the wheel for a wider spectrum of parts that can be blasted. A new timer was also installed, eliminating the need for manual monitoring of the blast time and allowing the operator to step away if need be. Additionally, the air nozzle used for cooling the electronics in the cabinet was removed and replaced with fans to improve cooling efficiency, and provide a more consistent operating temperature. Finally, the elevator motor and sprocket were replaced to ensure smooth and reliable operation for years to come.

Project Outcome:

The upgrades made to the Goff Tumble Blaster have transformed an aging piece of equipment into a modern, safe, and beneficial tool for process development work and test blasting. This successful upgrade has improved the safety and efficiency of Transmet’s operations, allowing the company to continue to provide high-quality metallic abrasives to our potential customers.

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