Eliminate Welding and Grinding after Shot blasting aluminum sand castings

Business Challenge

Using steel grit for blasting aluminum and castings resulted in a dull gray finish on the surface of aluminum castings and frequently opened porosity on the surface of the castings. Some castings were scrapped and other were welded to close the opened porosity. They were also concerned about the wear on the blast equipment using steel grit.

Welding and the subsequent grinding of the weld followed by a repeat of the grit blasting step was a time waste and expensive additional operation.

Transmet Approach

Transmet started working with the aluminum foundry by demonstrating the finish using cast zinc shot with customer supplied castings at TRANSMET’S SHOT BLASTING LAB.

Multiple castings were blasted with cast zinc shot and the results were documented; Casting surface condition measurement as well as the blasting machine parameters such as wheel speed, blast cycle times, and load size.

Replacing 40 grit abrasive with RSZ-750-ZA4 cast zinc shot resulted in a similar surface profile without exposing porosity.

Project Outcome

After switching to Transmet Cast Shot, the customer was pleased that their castings were brighter and much better looking.

The casting company also noted:

  • Significant reduction scrap due to exposed porosity and welding and grinding to rework castings
  • Reduction re-blasting castings
  • Virtually eliminated wear on blast equipment
  • Shot usage was reduced

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