Cleaning Aluminum Cores for Remanufacturing

Business Challenge

Blast cleaning aluminum cores can be difficult, balancing the need to clean with the need to preserve detail on the cores. Cleaning with steel shot or other aggressive media cleans fast, but destroys mating surfaces and threads, resulting in additional grinding or re-treading to repair the damage.

Transmet Approach

Cast zinc shot is a soft media with a high bulk density cleans effectively without damaging the substrate. The cast zinc (1 Knoop) is similar in hardness to the aluminum casting (100 Knoop). Blasting with cast zinc removed contamination without removing metal from the aluminum casting.

Project Outcome

Cleaning Aluminum Cores for Remanufacturing

Blast time less than 10 minutes with a single 5 HP blast wheel.

No metal removed on mating surfaces.

No threads of detail damaged.

Surface is bright with no ferrous contamination.

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