Applications requiring less aggressive blast media

Business Challenge

Steel shot, glass bead, and sand are the most widely used blast materials in the world. They are all readily available and work well in many applications because they are very aggressive.

Certain shot blasting applications require less aggressive media; this is where Transmet Cast Zinc Shot and Cast Aluminum Shot excel.

Market Approach

In the 1970’s, Transmet’s primary technology was developed at the Battelle Memorial Institute. The company was established as an independent entity in 1979. Transmet has a strong legacy of research and development, has partnered with hundreds of companies, and produced millions of pounds of rapidly solidified metals.

With this experience, Transmet was able to continuously improve their understanding of the market to create the most effective Cast Shot.


Blast Media Applications

Applications Requiring Less Aggressive Blast Media

Transmet Cast Shot For Die Casting:

Outlasts steel shot by 4x, zinc cut wire by 3x, and glass bead and aluminum oxide by thousands of times.

Produces less dust, can be recycled, and is often times a saleable item. Steel shot dust usually is land-filled and will cost for transportation.

Does not cause excessive wear to shot blasting equipment.

Will preserve finite details of the part being blasted. Steel shot is harsher and can obliterate part numbers, date codes, and other part detail.

Transmet Cast Shot For Remanufacturing:

Will not damage threads and machined surfaces.

Does not produce the heat and energy produced by steel shot. Will not cause warping.

Quickly removes rust and scale.

Will not cause flash rust on parts.

Transmet Cast Shot For Paint and Coating Removal:

Will not damage expensive fixtures or jigs used in painting and coating process.

Dry, chemical-free solution for removing paint buildup on paint shop tools.

Great for cleaning paint reject parts and no profiling the substrate.

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