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Damage to parts due to using steel media in a blasting process has always been considered as “a necessary evil.”  Or so it seems.  In one case, it’s caused by the relatively high bulk density of the steel media impacting the various parts and causing them to lose their shape (warp) and separate the upper layer of metal from the lower layer (delamination).  Steel media also does nothing to slow down the process of rusting on iron parts.

The results are substantially increased costs in the blasting process due to…

  • Rejected parts which must be reworked (or most of the time…discarded) or
  • Parts that rust so quickly following blasting that they must be re-blasted prior to painting or final finishing.

Any way one evaluates blasting process damage done by steel media…it is a serious issue to be addressed.

A small but leading-edge business in Columbus, Ohio, USA, has developed the solution to this issue.  Founded in 1970, the Transmet Corporation manufactures a Cast Zinc Blasting Shot alternative (called ZA4) that is revolutionizing the blasting industry.

When compared to steel blasting media, the substantial difference in zinc’s properties allow it to do comparable finishing of metal parts without causing any delamination or warping.  The cast zinc shot also provides a temporary rust inhibitor which prevents flash rusting for days or even weeks following the blasting of iron parts.  These properties, along with giving finished parts a consistent, bright finishwithout damaging the substrateor blasting equipment (because zinc is a softer and more ductile metal) make it a considerably more desirable alternative for doing any work on aluminum, zinc or magnesium parts.  Factor in the superior durability of the cast zinc shot allowing it to last 3-5 times as long as steel and reducing dust by up to 80%, and the choice of media becomes even more clear.

Steel Blasting                     Durability: ῀1500-6000 Impacts before breakdown

Media                                   Bulk Density:  ῀280lbs/ft3

Stainless                              Durability: ῀1500-9000 Impacts before breakdown

Media                                   Bulk Density:  ῀280lbs/ft3

ZA4 Cast                               Durability: ῀14,000 Impacts before breakdown

Zinc Shot                              Bulk Density:  ῀240lbs/ft3

If you’re tired of watching steel media cause warping or delamination and would like to see it stop…and you’d like to see for yourself how a few of your pieces look after being blasted with ZA4 Cast Zinc Shot, we’ll be glad to do a FREE Trial Blast for you!  Just print, fill in and return the Free Trial Blasting Offer page below(scroll down) with your parts.

4290 Perimeter Dr. Columbus, OH 43228 614-276-5522 www.transmet.com

Transmet FREE Trial Blasting Offer

To SEE how Transmet Special Blasting Media will work on your pieces, here’s all you need to do…easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Get 3-5 raw, unfinished parts (for us to work on) AND 1 finished (blasted) part that meets your requirements (so we can see exactly what you’re looking for.)
  2. Print a copy of this form and fill in the blanks.
  3. Enclose the completed form along with your parts and your business card stapled as shown…and send to:

Transmet Corp

Attn: R. Kaynes

4290 Perimeter Dr.

Columbus, OH 43218

I’ll let you know I’ve received your parts and when to expect them back. SIMPLE!

Once you receive them, you can judge for yourself as to how Transmet Special Blasting Media met your requirements. Then you’ll be ready to start eliminating the headaches from your blasting process (and start saving $$’s to boot)!