Transmet Welcomes OSU Engineering Student Bobby Seitz

Oct 18 2016, by skynetmts in News & Events

Transmet is a sponsor of the Ohio State College of Engineering Lean Six Sigma Program. This program is an industry-university partnership that gives students first-hand experience in business; matching sponsor companies with students that can help them improve.

Students first complete a semester of ‘Ground School’ where they learn the foundations of Integrated Lean Sigma. After the course, students take the Black Belt Examination to earn their Black Belt Certificate in Integrated Lean Six Sigma. In order to gain a Green Belt Certification, students conduct a Lean Sigma project at a sponsor company over the course of two semesters.

Program launch in 2007
277 projects successfully completed so far
Direct financial benefits in excess of $4.7M
Indirect financial benefits in excess of $2.5M
Additional $1M of benefits in process through ongoing projects

Transmet Engineering Lean Six Sigma Program Intern







There are seventeen candidates this year, one being Bobby Seitz, who is completing his project here at Transmet Corporation. Bobby began working in August and will be working on his project through April. He is a senior major in Integrated Systems Engineering and Economics.

Bobby is working to improve the raw materials inventory systems in the Cast Zinc Shot department. This project includes the standardization of raw materials ordering and inventory levels and how best to optimize it. The project will follow the standard Lean Sigma methodology, which breaks the project down to five linear stages:

  1. Define
  2. Measure
  3. Analyze
  4. Improve
  5. Control

The project has been in progress since Bobby’s start in August, and we look forward to seeing it come to fruition early 2017.

Transmet Engineering Lean Six Sigma Program Intern 2

Transmet GM Justin (left) with Engineering Program Intern Bobby (right)