Top 3 Things Learned After 4 Months Of Lean

May 02 2014, by Transmet Corp in Transmet Blog

Transmet implemented a lean program based on ideas from the book ‘2 Second Lean’. Transmet wanted full involvement from employees as they have the best ideas on how to eliminate waste.

A fun activity is our weekly “Walk and Talk”. (Our CEO refers to this as Show and Tell on steroids). This is an activity were employees get to visit other employees work area. The person at the work area will talk about all the improvements they have made since our last visit.

The Top 3 Things we have learned are:

  • Employees enjoy showing the waste they have eliminated.
  • Employees learn when seeing how their improvement impacts others.
  • Employees are able to see that our customers are driving our activities.

All of our customers and suppliers are always welcome to visit with us on a “Walk and Talk”.

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