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Results Speak

24.02.2015 in Application Bulletins

Shot Blasting Results Speak Members of the automotive industry (OEMs, tier-one and tier-two suppliers) turn to Transmet Cast Zinc Shot blast media for finishing and paint removal; and the results speak for themselves. Below is a paint fixture (or paint jig) used to hold automotive parts…

The Devil is in the Details

11.02.2015 in Application Bulletins

The idiom “the devil is in the details” means that mistakes are usually made in the small details of a project. Usually it is a caution to pay attention to avoid failure. (via Grammarist)   Shot Blasting Intricate Parts With the time and money you…

Easy Switch – Big Savings

21.10.2014 in Application Bulletins

Switching Your Blast Media   Cast Zinc Shot Will Last Longer ZA4 Cast Zinc Shot is far more durable than other types of blast media. It will last 3x longer than steel shot, 2x longer than stainless steel, and 1,000x longer than aluminum oxide and…

Don’t Beat Up Your Castings

10.10.2014 in Application Bulletins

Damage During Shot Blasting   Non-Damaging ZA4 Cast Zinc Shot ZA4 Alloy Cast Zinc Shot is the right hardness for shot blasting light metal cast parts (see all applications). Hardness (91 Knoop) is close to the hardness of your castings and will not damage them….