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Operator Visibility: Aluminum Oxide vs Stainless Steel Grit

30.06.2017 in Transmet Blog

  Visibility Inside the Blast Cabinet This shot blasting (or abrasive blasting) video shows you side-by-side footage inside an Air Blast Cabinet. Both clips were filmed under the same conditions. The footage on the left is blasting with Aluminum Oxide media while the footage on…

Shot Blasting Machine Maintenance: 17000 Hours With Cast Zinc Shot

03.11.2016 in Transmet Blog

Destroying wheel components on your shot blasting machine? Unplanned maintenance from Steel Shot damage? This blast wheel has over 17000 hours of blasting with Transmet Cast Zinc Shot without damage (updated September 2017): Would you have guessed that after seeing the picture? Examine the blades,…

Video: Flash Removal with Cast Zinc Shot

23.06.2016 in News & Events

  Efficient Flash Removal Transmet was approached by a custom die caster that was having a tough time eliminating defects in the shot blasting process. Their media at the time was warping the casting; a common pain point for many die casters. Most conventional blasting…