Stainless Steel Grit Now Available From Transmet

Jun 12 2017, by skynetmts in News & Events

Transmet Stainless Steel Grit

Time To Re-Evaluate Your Shot Blasting Media

Are you one of many companies still blasting with old media like Aluminum Oxide, Glass Bead, Garnet, Crushed Glass, or other highly friable media?

It could be time to upgrade your shot blasting experience to a highly durable media that will give you the finish you need without the dust and mess. Stainless Steel Grit is now available from Transmet.

7 Shot Blasting Applications For Stainless Steel Grit
  • Surface finishing non-ferrous components
  • Prepping surface for painting or coating
  • Removing ceramic from investment castings
  • Descaling non-ferrous heat treat parts
  • Cleaning and debluing welded joints
  • Etching plastic components prior to bonding
  • Anchor profiling for paint and powder coat adhesion

To get the finish you need without the dust and mess, use Stainless Steel Grit (SSG) from Transmet. Stainless Steel Grit is proven to be more durable and resistant to fracture than other abrasive. The media will outlast Aluminum Oxide by 30x, Garnet by 60x, and Glass Bead by 50x.

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