Shot Blasting Evaluation

Ready to take advantage of FREE lab test blasting?

Transmet offers the ability to test for the most effective and efficient size and alloy of Transmet Cast Shot at no cost to you. This gives you the ability to see the finish on your parts and determine savings (blast cycle time, shot consumption, etc.) compared to your current process. All testing is done in-house in our Media Support Lab.


Here’s How (3 easy steps):


1.   Fill out this form

This form will give us more information about your specific needs. Tell us about your current blast process, desired finish, and anything else you would like to achieve with a new blast media.

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2.   Send the parts to Columbus

Get the parts to us! This can be done by shipping them directly to us at:

Transmet Corporation
Attn: Test Blast
4290 Perimeter Drive
Columbus, OH 43228

3.   Connect with us

A member of the Transmet Team will respond to your request and begin testing when parts arrive.



…that’s it!

Click here to learn more about Transmet Cast Shot or here to learn more about the In-House Blast Media Lab.