Aluminum Needles

Transmet's RSA-100N Aluminum NeedlesTransmet’s aluminum needles are cast in a proprietary centrifugal air atomization process. Our aluminum needles are clean and dry and do not contain any oils, dust or internal porosity.

Our casting process makes this product unique with a consistent size and shape.

Some past applications for Transmet aluminum needles:

  • Binder for master alloying products produced by briquetting
  • Needles enhance thermal conductivity in epoxy molds
  • Feedstock for chemical reactions
  • Ingredient in drain cleaners
Product Name
Basic Shape
Length (inches/microns)
Thickness (inches/microns)
Bulk Density (lbs/ft³ – g/cm³)
RSA-100N Aluminum Needles Needle 0.18 / 4800 0.02 / 500 79 / 1.26

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