Our Commitment to Recycling

Aug 30 2016, by Transmet Corp in News & Events



Our employee Kelli leading Transmet’s new battery recycling program

At Transmet Corporation, we care about the planet. We are committed to recycling and the benefits it will bring future generations.

For years we have sent the metal scrap material from our production process to be reclaimed and recycled. We have since added paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic recycling to the list. Throughout our offices and plants we have labeled bins to remind the entire Transmet Team to recycle everything and sort accordingly.

Starting this August, we have officially started recycling all batteries!

Transmet employee Kelli Shull spearheaded the project; performing the research to find a company that disposes of hazardous materials properly and recycles the materials that can be recycled. This not only includes batteries but any small handheld devices and power tools. We have even encouraged our employees to bring their batteries, handheld devices, and power tools from home as well.

Transmet will continue its commitment to our planet by recycling materials from all areas of the company. If you would like more information about our sustainability program, please contact us!