New Shot Blasting Beast For Sample Part Processing

Feb 13 2017, by skynetmts in News & Events

New Shot Blasting Beast

We bought a new machine…and it’s a beast. The 36″ table blaster is installed and fully operational; adding to our capability to run Sample Part Processing on customer-supplied parts. This is typically a “best next step” for interested parties wanting confirmation of Cast Zinc Shot or Cast Aluminum Shot working on their parts.

This means our Shot Blasting Media Support Lab is now equipped with:

  • Ervin Test Machine
  • 20 cubic foot suction air blast cabinet
  • 1.5 cubic foot rubber belt tumble blast machine
  • 36″ power table blast machine


Shot Blasting Tests on Larger Parts

Transmet Corporation Table Blast Machine

We designed the machine specifically for test blasting. The design allows for fast media changes to test multiple sizes and alloys of Cast Zinc Shot and Cast Aluminum Shot in a short amount of time.

The new 36″ power table blaster allows us to test much larger parts with our shot (no more cutting parts to fit in our smaller machines). The machine has a work load of 1,000 lb and a maximum blast envelope of 36″ x 29″ and is equipped with a 5 HP oscillating blast wheel.


Glass Window for Viewing the Blast

Transmet Corporation Table Blast Machine Window

Following the lead of our 1.5 cubic foot tumble blast, the new table blaster has a glass window installed in the door to provide a view inside the blast. We have found it to be very beneficial to see the testing as it occurs; and customers agree. The glass window allows the test to be filmed if requested, with video shared with potential customers (allowing them to feel as if they were there for the test).

We improved upon the tumble blast design with built-in LED lighting inside the cabinet. The four spotlights illuminate the entire cabinet and the parts being blasted.


Ready to try it out?

Are you looking for a cleaner, less costly paint removal method than chemical stripping or burn off? Are you concerned with ferrous contamination or damage to parts in your current shot blasting process? Are you struggling to clean corrosion and refresh cores to OEM appearance without damaging part detail?

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Cast Zinc Shot or Cast Aluminum Shot significantly reduce damage and wear on blast machines and lasts longer than most abrasive on the market.