Harry Donovan, Transmet’s Long Time Business Advisor, Inducted into the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame

Nov 14 2013, by Transmet Corp in News & Events

Tim Gorrell, Director of the Ohio Dept. of Veterans Services, Harry Donovan, and Governor John Kasich


Mr. Harry Donovan, Class of 2013 of the Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame

On November 7, 2013, The Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame inducted the Class of 2013 in a ceremony at 11 a.m. November 7 at Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium in Columbus, Ohio. Transmet’s long time business advisor Harry Donovan was one of the 15 Ohioans in this year’s class. Harry joined the 428 others who are enshrined in the Hall.

The Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame is not just a military hall of fame. Those selected for the honor of induction are veterans who have honorably served their country through military service and continue to serve and inspire their fellow citizens with their deeds and accomplishments throughout their lifetime.

Congratulations Harry, all of us at Transmet are proud to work with you!!

Video of ceremony.  Watch Harry Donovan’s induction from time frame 15:04-17:11. 
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