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Dust in a blasting process has always been “a necessary evil.”  Or so it seems.  Simply put, it’s caused by the rapid deterioration of the blasting media.  As the traditional media quickly ages, it simply breaks down into a very fine dust.  This dust becomes a hindrance when an operator is trying to visually determine how the finishing or cleaning process is progressing.  If the operator can’t see clearly, quality will suffer…causing rejected or even completely ruined parts.

Blasting dust is also a safety hazard…as it can easily ignite and cause a fire or explosion.  Any way one evaluates blasting process dust…it is a serious issue to be addressed.

A small but leading-edge business in Columbus, Ohio, USA, has developed the solution to the dust issue.  Founded in 1970, the Transmet Corporation manufactures a Cast Zinc Blasting Shot (called ZA4) alternative that is revolutionizing the blasting industry.

This special alloy is first heated and then quickly cooled to form small teardrop-shaped blasting beads which are just as effective in air blasting applications as in wheel blasters.

Aluminum Oxide                    Durability: ῀1-10 Impacts before breakdown (dust) Bulk Density:  ῀50-100lbs/ft3

Black Beauty (slag)                Durability: ῀1-10 Impacts before breakdown (dust) Bulk Density:  ῀50-100lbs/ft3

Garnet                                      Durability: ῀1-10 Impacts before breakdown (dust) Bulk Density:  ῀50-100lbs/ft3

Glass Beads                             Durability: ῀1-10 Impacts before breakdown (dust) Bulk Density:  ῀50-100lbs/ft3

Sand (Silica Beads)                Durability: ῀1-10 Impacts before breakdown (dust) Bulk Density:  ῀50-100lbs/ft3

Star Blast                                 Durability: ῀1-10 Impacts before breakdown (dust) Bulk Density:  ῀50-100lbs/ft3

ZA4 Cast Zinc Shot                Durability: ῀14,000 Impacts before breakdown Bulk Density:  ῀240lbs/ft3

The remarkable differences in durability (ZA4 Cast Zinc Shot lasts1000 times longer – This meansit generates 99.9% less dust) and much higher bulk density (more effective blasting energy)…without damaging the substrate (because zinc is a soft and ductile metal) make this a considerably more desirable alternative.  The ZA4 Cast Zinc Shot does cost more per pound than the comparable media.  But ZA4 users require far less blasting media to do the same work…so they save considerable money on media, time taken to reload media, time taken to reorder media and freight.

If you would like to see the dust in your blasting process go away AND save a nice chunk of change to boot…and you’d like to see for yourself how a few of your pieces look after being blasted with ZA4 Cast Zinc Shot, we’ll be glad to do a FREE Trial Blast for you!  Just print, fill in and return the Free Trial Blasting Offer page below(scroll down) with your parts.

4290 Perimeter Dr. Columbus, OH 43228 614-276-5522 www.transmet.com

Transmet FREE Trial Blasting Offer

To SEE how Transmet Special Blasting Media will work on your pieces, here’s all you need to do…easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Get 3-5 raw, unfinished parts (for us to work on) AND 1 finished (blasted) part that meets your requirements (so we can see exactly what you’re looking for.)
  2. Print a copy of this form and fill in the blanks.
  3. Enclose the completed form along with your parts and your business card stapled as shown…and send to:

Transmet Corp

Attn: R. Kaynes

4290 Perimeter Dr.

Columbus, OH 43218

I’ll let you know I’ve received your parts and when to expect them back. SIMPLE!

Once you receive them, you can judge for yourself as to how Transmet Special Blasting Media met your requirements. Then you’ll be ready to start eliminating the headaches from your blasting process (and start saving $$’s to boot)!