Thin Flake Technology

In 2008 Transmet started to develop Thin Flake Casting Technology.  Our objective was to modify the standard melt spinning process used to make flakes to cast flakes significantly thinner.

In 2009 Transmet successfully cast 10,000-lbs in product of 35% thinner flake. The thin flake success was confirmed by customer measurements showing the flakes were 35% thinner than our standard flakes. Also a large roofing trial confirmed that 35% fewer flakes were used to cover a 16,000 square foot roof.

This means that in one pound of flakes you will have 35% more surface area and 35% more flakes.  Contact us to discuss your application and how Thin Flakes may help.

  • Standard K-102 Aluminum Flakes – 7,000,000 flakes per pound
  • 35% Thin K-102 Aluminum Flakes – 10,750,000 flakes per pound

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