Nano Grained Metals

Transmet Corporation has developed special alloys that when combined with our process’s capabilities result in amorphous metals and/or nano grained metals. Examples of these metals are below.


High Silicone Flake showing nano grained properties

Figure 1: Edge section of HiSi alloy flake, with labeled regions

High Silicon Flake showing possible amorphous layer

Figure 2: Edge section of HiSi alloy flake, showing extended region 1 area and possible amorphous layer at flat edge.

2219 FLAKE:

2219 Flake

2219 Bar Stock

Transmet has worked with universities (including the OSU, Penn State and the University of Cincinnati), government labs (including Battelle Columbus, Batelle Northwest, DOE and DOD) other small businesses and fortune 500 companies.

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