Transmet Gets Lean

Mar 07, 2014 in News & Events

Transmet Corporation added a 2 Second Lean program to our Ownership Thinking program. In February all employees participated in training to learn to identify and eliminate waste. The training was lead by Shaox Li an Industrial Engineer. Transmet’s Ownership Thinking program had already started employees…

Transmet Gets Lean with help of OSU Student Intern

Feb 04, 2014 in News & Events

Transmet Corporation is utilizing the skills of Ohio State University intern Yuxi Wu. Yuxi is a senior in Business Administration majoring in Logistics. She is also participating in the Six Sigma Manufacturing Industrial Engineering program. Yuxi will be helping Transmet set up our quality assurance department…

A Unique Aluminum Casting

Jan 08, 2014 in Transmet Blog

Walter Tschinkel is an entomologist and former professor of Biological Science at Florida State University. He has devised an unusual and striking way to study ant colonies. He pours molten aluminum in them. After the aluminum cools the excavation begins and the resulting casting is…

Transmet’s Rapidly Solidified Aluminum Flakes

Jan 08, 2014 in News & Events

Transmet produced 1,000 lbs of High Strength Alloy Rapidly Solidified Aluminum Flakes. The Rapidly Solidified Flakes provide Nano-Grained structures that provide superior strength properties to aluminum that are impossible to obtain in other manufacturing processes. To convert the flakes into a usable form the flakes…

Happy Birthday Wishes to Sherwood Fawcett and Robert Maringer

Dec 09, 2013 in News & Events

Transmet plans to celebrate the birthdays of Founder Sherwood Fawcett and process inventor Robert Maringer. Sherwood turns 94 on December 25 while Robert turns 89 on December 30. Both have lead wonderful lives and have been an inspiration to all of their coworkers at Transmet….