Master Alloying / Briquetting

Briquetting with Aluminum Flakes
Transmet aluminum flakes make a wonderful low-cost binder for briquetting. The low bulk density (20 lbs/cubic foot) of the aluminum flakes combined with the unique flake shape means that you will be able to bind your material with a minimal amount of aluminum. The high surface area of the flakes will provide optimum thermal conductivity even with low amounts of aluminum flake being used.

Briquetting with Aluminum Needles
Transmet needles make a good briquetting material when higher amounts of aluminum are needed. The high aspect ratio of the aluminum needles combined with the higher bulk density (80lbs/cubic foot) allows you to bind your material with a higher amount of aluminum. The needles are cast from 99.0 % pure aluminum making them very ductile for briquetting.

Alloying with Aluminum Shot
Transmet shot product make a good alloying additive. The shot products are cast from 99.0 or better pure aluminum. They have a bulk density of 100-lbs/ cubic foot and handle very easily. Added to the bottom of a crucible they will melt faster than ingot and easily mix in with the other material in the alloy.

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